Testimonials and Case Studies

Panoptic Solutions Ltd

Two weeks ago I booked (over the internet) a hotel near Brighton through Corporate Team, two nights, - cost £77 B&B only. The whole thing took minutes and I received an e-mail confirmation immediately with booking reference number. The actual cost direct with the hotel should have been £85.

At the same time I booked 4 nights for the following week. On this occasion I was prevented from booking direct, and was told (on line) that confirmation would follow. With half an hour I received confirmation at £60 per night. (Same hotel)

Now I may be pretty good at negotiating, but no way would I be able to get that sort of reduction.

In addition, I had to cancel one night - e-mail to CT - done in seconds, complete with cancellation number. Very professional and very impressive.
Ian Dickinson, Panoptic Solutions Ltd


"I signed up to GPG as soon as the GPG consultant presented it to me as it seemed a 'no-brainer' - guaranteed savings with no cost and no risk. Six months down the line, GPG have implemented a number of the savings, putting a good deal of effort into working on our behalf, and I am happy to say that I can’t find a catch - it is delivering exactly what I was told it would."
Ian Batchelor, Finance Director, Analox Sensor Technology Ltd

Blagdon Pump

"GPG provides a risk free approach to attracting cost-saving benefits across a wide range of overheads. Due to the structure of the scheme, we are able to benefit from volume leverage that on our own we would not be able to. The GPG Consultant made it painless and straightforward to get set up and to start saving. Difficult to find a reason not to try it!"
David Stark, Finance Director, Blagdon Pump Holdings Ltd

Feechan Consulting

"As a GPG affiliate, we have been able to tap into some of the GPG savings for ourselves as well as providing great savings for our clients. For example, Willis were able to save us 56% on our professional indemnity insurance."
Glen Feechan, Chief Executive, Feechan Consulting Ltd

Corporate Wear UK PLC

"GPG approached Corporatewear UK as a leading supplier of quality promotional goods, bespoke uniforms and sportswear. We are keen to extend our work and add value to leading blue chip clients, companies and clubs of all sizes.

The GPG business model is a Win-Win-Win for everyone. We are now reducing our own overheads working with Business Breakthrough. For instance, as a user of the service, we have saved a massive 73% on all our many national telephone calls and 47% on local calls. We are delighted. "
Mike Hill, Sales Director. Corporate Wear UK PLC

Recent Case Studies

Client A – Public Sector organisation based in the North of England with an annual turnover of £92 million in 17 locations and employing some 1700 staff. The Global Procurement Group (GPG) consultant was asked to look at the client’s non-core expenditure for their entire organisation in the UK. On preliminary investigation it was evident that the non-core costs would difficult to fully determine, but that a reasonable estimate of these costs would be in the region of £7.2 million. GPG highlighted seventeen areas of spend and that substantial net savings to the client of £761,000 (10.5%) per annum could be achieved. The client is now enjoying significant benefits both in terms of tangible hard cost savings and increased operational efficiency by utilizing the GPG e-procurement solution.

Client B –FTSE 250 Retail organisation with over 500 locations with an annual turnover in excess of £700 million. The client contacted GPG to discuss the opportunity to conduct an analysis of non-core expenditure and highlight cost reduction opportunities across the organisation. The non-core expenditure is £50 million, but the GPG activity was initially restricted to 50% of this figure to ensure immediate tangible benefits. We have comfortably highlighted net savings of £2 million over the first twelve months of the project. As part of the GPG review, we also found that, due to the nature of their business and the large number of locations across the UK, many employees would regularly use their personal credit cards to procure non-core goods and services. They would then have these costs reimbursed on monthly expense reports. Consequently, GPG is also implementing the g-apex e-commerce solution which will allow the client to control non core expenditure, lower the number of purchase transactions and hence further reduce the total cost of procurement.

Case Studies

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