Adecco UK

Adecco is the global and UK leader in employment services, connecting people to jobs through its network of 5,800 offices in more than 71 territories. In the UK alone it has over 400 branches and a client base of over 33,000 organisations from all areas of commerce and industry. Adecco retains over 35,000 temporary workers with around 250 permanent staff placed each week.
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Adecco now counts on the expertise of over 28,000 colleagues around the world. Around 130,000 clients are served on any given day and over 250,000 during a year. Over 650,000 associates are paid on any given day with approx. 3 million having worked during the year. Around the world, Adecco employs some 312 people every minute.

Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial

The vision is for Rentokil Initial to be the international business services company, paramount in providing hygiene, safety and security solutions in all our geographic markets, with the strengths and experience of a multi-national company, whilst retaining the agility and characteristics of a local company
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Our breadth of service and ability to develop bespoke solutions ensures that we can satisfy diverse procurement needs and operate at a number of different levels from single source procurement to a fully integrated solution. Our flexibility is a key contributory factor to our success

Rentokill Initial Businesses

- Initial Building Services
- Initial Catering Services
- Initial City Link
- Initial Electronic Security Systems
- Initial Fire and Security
- Initial Washroom Services
- Initial Hospital Services
- Initial Medical Services
- Rentokil Initial UK Cleaning and Facilities Services
- Rentokil Hygiene Services
- Rentokil Initial Products
- Rentokil Initial Supplies
- Rentokil IT Hygiene Services
- Rentokil Office Solutions
- Rentokil Pest control
- Rentokil Property Care
- Rentokil Tropical Plants
- Rentokil Wiper Services

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Carbon Aqual

Carbon Aqua

Reduce heating costs by up to 40% • Reduce electricity usage by up to 50% • Reduce water bills by 30%. Today the only viable way to mitigate the increasing price of energy and water is to reduce your usage through the introduction of conservation and management initiatives. The CarbonAqua™ team has over 20 years experience in delivering solutions which today, more than ever, significantly impact on business profitability. Our service is designed to provide your business with immediate opportunity to benefit from savings through the implementation of quick win solutions via retrofit technology. Solutions that are paid for through a rental programme that results in the project being both cost and profit positive. You will be using the same money from an already agreed supply budget to fund a project with a payback of less than 30 months. In the future, our individual responses to the way we protect the environment will be judged and the amount of carbon emissions we generate will bear a substantial levy. CarbonAqua™ solutions will reduce the amount of harmful gasses produced and where applicable enhance your response to ISO14001.
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Identifying the Problem – Providing the Solution

Our first task is to identify quick win usage reduction solutions. Within a few weeks of our first meeting these solutions will be saving you substantial amounts of money and resulting in a pro-rata reduction in the production of carbon emissions. The highest level of savings will be achieved at this stage.

The CarbonAqua™ team consists of experts in the field of energy and water usage. We have access to a team of highly qualified, experienced engineering consultants who are accredited by the government funded Carbon Trust.

Having identified and implemented quick win solutions, our surveyors are able to carryout in-depth investigation into the more complex use of energy in all areas of your business. Such investigations will be funded from the savings initiatives that you have already implemented.

• Nursing Home Group – Gas consumption reduced on heating plant by 25% resulting in a saving of £1.5 million per annum with under 12 month payback. Water conservation project identifies £800K of savings per annum with under 18 month payback.

• High Street Department Store – Water project saves £2m over 5 years.

• £800K Turnover Company saves £8K per annum on water charges and recovers >£10K in rebates.

• NHS Trust Hospital saves £25K per annum on water.

• Hotel saves 55% on the running cost of their drinks coolers and 40% on air conditioning.

• 25% savings identified for a Serviced Office Building’s heating bill resulting in a 26 tonnes reduction in carbon emissions.

• Shops and offices save 50% on the running cost of their fluorescent lighting.

• Department store saves 17% on the running of their escalators

• Manufacturing company reduces energy usage by 35% on the air compressor systems.

Supplies Team

Supplies Team

With over 30 years’ experience in office supplies and stationery, with annual sales in excess of £230 million, Supplies Team is the UK’s number one provider of computer and printer consumables and electronic storage media, and the fastest growing provider of general office supplies, delivering close to 10 million printer cartridges every year.
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Our customers range from FTSE 100 corporations and government departments to local businesses, hospitals and schools. And all of them benefit from our unrivalled buying power, industry-leading service and unparalleled expertise; the kind of expertise that means we can always offer the best products and services at the lowest possible prices. With over 7,000 products in stock and a further 13,000 regularly sourced, no one else can offer you such a comprehensive range of office supplies. All the items in our catalogue are in stock at all times, but if there is anything else you need that you don't see here, just give your account manager a call and we guarantee we will get it to you in the shortest possible time.

Supplies Team


As a founder member of the Independent Print Industries Association, together with our network of quality approved trade suppliers, we have access to unrivalled purchasing power.
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No twists……just one direct link with over 300 quality and commercially audited approved trade manufacturers

As an award winning company, Triform’s principal business is the supply of:
• Printed Products
• Operational Support Products
• Design/Origination
• Print Management
• Warehousing/Fulfilment
• Visual Display/Merchandising

Across a diverse range of: Print, labels, point of sale, corporate stationery, promotional merchandising, marketing, security, packaging, display materials and related products.

Always working with you to create and develop your markets and services.

Print Management is an outsourced procurement and fulfilment service solution.

The value of Print Management is that it minimises the cost of ownership. Tangible financial benefits will arise from real savings as follows:

We manage your print – whilst you manage your business
• Lower unit costs – 1st year circa 20%
• Improved cash flow
• Reduced administrative burden
• Reduced obsolescence
• Document re-engineering
• Maximum ordering efficiencies
• Produce/stock management
• Constant benchmarking to maintain best value

Single source supply chain solution – visibility at all levels

We do not have a minimum order, quantity or price. Our clients have annual print spends ranging between £5k - £2 million.

We take as much care over 100 business cards as we do over a complete corporate re-brand, project managing hundreds of products across multi-site locations.

Providing the ultimate service without compromising quality in ‘Print Management’ solutions for your business.

Key Industrial

Key Industrial Equipment Ltd

With over 30 years experience in this industry Key is a market leader in the UK for the supply of MRO products.
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In 1973 the concept of creating a catalogue of Materials handling, Storage, and Lifting products was quite unique to the market. Whilst many competitors have entered the market over the years, not one company has been able to match the product range and delivery combination that is on offer to our customers. Of course today Key product range includes Office Equipment, Signage, and Workshop Equipment.

As Key is a major player in the Manutan Group of companies the product offer extends to a massive 380,000 references and is unrivalled across Europe. The Manutan Group has almost total European coverage with subsidiaries in all major territories and dedicated catalogues to service each market where they operate.

The award-winning Key catalogue is accepted by industry as being THE REFERENCE BOOK and with 50,000 product references the product offer is unrivalled. Key is very proud of the ISO9001 accreditation. Working closely with the quality auditors our objective is to set the industry standards in customer service and every day we are working on customer improvement processes.

Azzurri Communications

Azzurri Communications

Azzurri is a converged voice and data communications specialist providing consultancy services to UK organisations.
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We manage voice and data communications to help businesses large and small minimise costs and raise their productivity. Companies from many different market sectors, both public and private, have benefited from our wealth of experience.

Our management services cover a comprehensive range of business communications services, so we can offer truly converged bespoke communications solutions:

• Voice communications from traditional phones and PABX systems to state-of-the-art IP Telephony solutions
• Data communications, enterprise applications, networking and security
• Mobile voice and data communications including mobile e-mail and people or asset tracking
• Digital print, fax and copy solutions
• Audio conferencing
• 118 218 directory enquiry services

You'll discover our service is personal, detailed and thorough. We've also received the highest levels of accreditation from leading global suppliers.


We'll provide an audit of your telecoms estate and partner leading business communications vendors to bring you bespoke voice and data solutions that will help your company minimise costs and raise productivity, now and in future.

Backup & Running

Backup & running Plc

The latest server and storage technologies plus our leading backup & running software has put our company at the forefront of secure automatic and off-site backup systems.
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Backup & running plc gives you peace of mind. Imagine no more disks, no more CD burning and no more wasted time. All your data is housed externally and the proprietary products and services we provide are unique in the UK market place. We offer the following:

  • Simple to use and install backup solutions for almost every type of computer user.
  • Ultimate security means data never leaves its home computer.
  • Replace masses of backup hardware and software with a single process which runs automatically without the user even knowing it is there.
  • Instant retrieval from anywhere – simply 'double click' on the file or files you wish to restore.
  • Suitable for single desktops, laptops and servers, or large corporate network environments.
  • Backup & running plc software makes sure that your computer verifies with our server that all the data was successfully transferred and any problems of any nature are reported on screen both to you and to us.

No more reliance on personnel remembering to do the backup or making sure that they take the backup disks safely home.

Minding Driving

Minding Driving Ltd

The company was founded by George Smith in 2000 after serving in the police force for 23 years.
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Amongst others, his duties included motorway patrol and traffic, air support and training. He has also been a RoSPA advanced driving examiner for over 20 years.

We recognise that it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all their drivers are fully trained. By making our driver improvement initiatives a part of your company’s risk assessment programme, not only will you save money, but you’ll also help keep your drivers safe and at the same time make the roads safer for everyone.

So join with our existing list of Clients - Lyreco, Birmingham and Manchester Airports, The Army, Dixons, Royal Mail, Cadbury’s…

…and be amongst the top safety aware organisations!

The Corporate Team

The Corporate Team

The service can range from 100% call-centre to 100% online or a combination of the two depending on the needs of the Client.
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The Corpoate Team (TCT) is able to provide real-time booking functionality for hotels that are currently using the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and for independent properties where rooms can be held on allocation.

TCT is owned by The Polyglobe Group, a hotel reservations specialist founded in 1971. Its original division, British Hotel Reservation Centre (BHRC) operates hotel reservations desks at major airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick, and railway stations in London and the South East.

The Group has grown strongly over the last 5 years and now manages over 500,000 room nights a year, with a combined hotel and conference turnover in excess of £50 million.

Since its formation in 1997, TCT has remained at the forefront of hotel booking technology, providing easy to implement call-centre and online solutions for proven cost savings and process efficiencies. TCT now leads the market in offering real-time online hotel booking solutions and was the first UK Hotel Booking Agency to implement a fully integrated online service in 1998.

TCT's high-speed reservation system provides the means for Clients to access over 60,000 hotels world-wide. Most significantly by TCT teaming with Pegasus Solutions and Wizcom Inc, the world's biggest switch companies, Clients do not have to rely on any GDS to connect to these hotels.

Virtual Human Resources

Virtual Human Resources

Specialising in Aerospace and IT
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Virtual Human Resources has the experience and capability to deliver a service lead and consultative recruitment solution that is guaranteed to meet its Clients’needs. In addition to the traditional recruitment offerings, V-hr has a proven capability to deliver innovative value added services designed specifically for the needs of our Clients:

  • Permanent & Contractor Recruitment
  • Turn Key and Fixed Price Solutions
  • Managed Recruitment Services
  • Project Support
  • Virtual HR Services
  • Business Process Analysis

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit's 'meals-at-work' service can save your employees time, save you money, and provide delicious food into the bargain.
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How much of your time does your workforce spend buying meals or snacks off-site?

Maybe they have no choice because there's nothing on-site to satisfy their needs …

  • maybe they've missed breakfast.
  • maybe they've had to work through lunch because of a meeting.
  • maybe they're working late.
  • maybe they work night shifts/unsocial hours.

...maybe it could be costing you in lower productivity.

'meals-at-work' from Bon Appetit solves this at a stroke by offering food:

  • that is available on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • that is ready to enjoy in under 4 minutes.
  • that covers the full range of breakfast, snacks and hot meals.

It could not be easier:

  • Bon Appetit do all the work, taking care of stocking and maintenance.
  • you enjoy greater productivity and peace of mind.
  • your staff enjoy tasty, nutritious food.

Companies of all sizes, from Barclaycard to businesses with only a handful of staff are eating well and saving money through Bon Appetit's 'meals-at-work' service.

Our service falls into two main categories, both having different equipment requirements.

  • Large Business Service - for businesses with 60 or more employees on-site.
  • Small Business Service - for businesses with less than 60 employees on-site.

Bon Appetit operate In conjunction with the Coffee Point Group who are the largest privately owned vending Company in the UK with an annual turnover in excess of £30 million. The Group services over 12,000 machines from its seven regional depots around the Country and employs over 620 staff providing a variety of drink and snack vending services.



Danwood is one of the UK's largest independent Suppliers of total office solutions.
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Whether you're searching for a working solution for printing, faxing or copying, Danwood have a total solution package that will be suitable for you.

Established in 1971, The Danwood Group has grown to become one of the largest independent Suppliers of office solutions in the UK. The Company's first outlet was in Lincoln - a 'one stop shop' for all office requirements - however the 'core' business resided in the print output capture market and the sales and service of reprographic machinery. It is within this market area that Danwood has established an enviable reputation today.

With an annual turnover exceeding £85 million, the Group today covers the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland. Our strategically placed regional sales and service centres will provide a total solution package tailor-made to suit your printing, faxing, copying, telecoms or service needs.



We are one of the world's leading risk management and insurance intermediaries.
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We're in the business of identifying, analysing and managing risk. We deliver professional risk transfer, risk management, loss management and actuarial services to companies, as well as financial and employee benefits consulting.

What makes us different is our entrepreneurial approach and commitment to the delivery of customised solutions. We concentrate on what we do best - broking, risk management and consulting. We provide Clients with excellent local service, while enabling them to access our extensive network of global resources. We constantly strive to improve our offerings - from state-of-the-art product solutions to excellent claims processing.

From Aerospace to the Utilities industry, Willis has more than 14,500 dedicated employees throughout the world. They are highly trained and knowledgeable in their particular area of operation, and work closely with Clients to develop optimal risk management solutions.

The Willis Group is one of the world's largest professional services firms specialising in risk management. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable employees provide a wide range of strategic and operational risk management services across all industries, worldwide.

Danwood Direct

Danwood Direct

Danwood Direct, a Division of The Danwood Group, is one of the industry's leading providers of copier, printer, facsimile, cleaning, ergonomic and storage media supplies and consumables.
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We also supply a comprehensive range of hardware to complement our consumables portfolio, enabling our Clients to purchase all their IT / Technology requirements from one dependable Supplier.

Our Clients range from small to medium sized businesses, through to large blue chip corporations, government agencies and educational organisations. All of our Clients benefit from the long-term relationships and the buying power that Danwood has built up over its many decades of trading, ensuring that we supply our Clients with the best products, at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. Our trading philosophy is not to be seen to be taking money from Clients, but to be seen to be 'adding value' to their day, by making the purchase process of this often complex and dynamic product range, as simple and pleasant an experience as possible.



With over 400 Clients throughout the UK and Ireland, EWC provides tailored waste management and recycling solutions for a range of national and regional businesses, including local authorities.
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Since its launch in 1992, EWC has continually adapted and developed to offer a complete end-to-end solution, from segregation, recycling, Client training and support, through to the provision of highly efficient compaction systems and end delivery. Each solution is specifically tailored to the Client, ensuring efficient and responsible waste management.

EWC’s philosophy is focused on reducing levels of waste, increasing rates of recycling and maximising the efficiency of waste management for its Clients. As a result the company has a 92% customer retention level, and is now the fastest growing recycling and waste management company in the UK.

Getting Results

Over the last 2 years the company has more than doubled in size with a projected turnover of £10million in 2005. In 2004, EWC was first in the National Business Awards (SME category) for its innovative business model and outstanding results, and it has been listed in the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fastrack 100 in both 2001 and 2003.

Current Clients include 30 local authority Household Waste Recycling Centres across the UK, including North Yorkshire county council Blackburn with Darwen, Blackpool, Neath & Port Talbot, Conwy, and Vale of Glamorgan Council. Commercial Clients include major corporations such as Barclays, Hilton Hotels UK & Ireland, Everton Football Club, and Safeway. All EWC’s waste management solutions have successfully increased the recycling levels of each Client, while reducing haulage and directing waste away from landfill.

A Commitment to Success

Customers benefit from EWC’s transparency across the waste management process, with on-line access to detailed reports including the volumes of waste produced, percentage recycled and disposal routes.

Committed to meeting customer recycling targets within budget, EWC operates with the latest Husmann waste handling technology, renowned for its quality and efficiency. In 2005 EWC won the national UK dealership for Husmann systems, underlining EWC’s credibility and reputation within the market.

EWC currently employs over 220 people throughout its UK operations, with the board consisting of managing director Bill Edwards, Kevin Wood, Bill Elliott, Ian Simmonds, Pat Kirwan, Neil Ball, and Eddie O’Neill.



A unique and exciting marketing logistics partner!
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Traditional print companies tell you how fast and sophisticated their production technology is! The new breed of Print Management Company, Internet-based print broker, or 'auction sites', tell you how many 'cheap' validated Suppliers they have! But, as you would expect from the three time 'UK Print Company of the Year' blp offers more than these companies because we do more than just print!

blp is exceptionally well positioned to understand the challenges that an organisation faces and then implement a wide range of Customised Solutions that ensure their marketing promotions, direct mail, packaging and corporate print requirements are more effective and their supply chain is more efficient. Incorporated in 1991, blp is a young and progressive privately-owned company driven by a true team of directors who are individually passionate about their own field of expertise and collectively ambitious to build a model World Class Marketing Logistics Company.

Customised Solutions ……the difference……that makes all the difference!
blp delivers because we develop and implement customised solutions that solve organisations unique and often complex issues.

blp is unique because we use our vast production expertise and print management solutions model to provide a bespoke package that addresses Client’s specific and often critical challenges. We will reduce the overall cost of ownership, remove obsolescence, implement innovative management information systems, improve service levels and speed to market, maintain corporate identity whilst providing visibility, control and a full audit trail.

Utilising our experience, knowledge, specialist consultancy and project management that pulls together a wide range of in-house production, supply chain partners and IT resource we deliver tangible business solutions and not just sell print!

Testimony to this success is the fact that over 80% of our revenue is generated from long term partnerships and outsourcing contracts!
Our Mission:
"To be clearly recognised as the easiest and most flexible marketing solutions partner to work with.


Portman Travel

Portman Travel is the UK's largest independent travel management network, operating nationwide from over 35 locations.
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The business prides itself on its outstanding travel expertise, and is dedicated to helping companies and organisations of all sizes to manage their travel budgets as efficiently as possible.

Through its partnership with Radius, a global network of travel management specialists, Portman offers worldwide representation and the global capability that international business travellers require.

Smart business: We help customers buy smarter through a unique blend of human expertise, commercial insight and highly cost-effective services, to consistently improve the effectiveness of their travel programmes.

Smart people: Portman has a strong service culture based on clear values. Portman people must be creative, committed, flexible, savvy and spirited. Whether consulting our travel experts via an extensive branch network, seeking support for online transactions from our dedicated fulfilment team, or needing out-of-hours emergency assistance, we deliver the expected customer experience.

Smart thinking: We always place the customers’ perspective at the heart of our service response. Portman recognises that companies have a keen sense of their duty of care to travelling employees, and travellers are more sensitive than ever to the pressures of doing business internationally. This thinking has led to new services: Portman TripPlan, a time-sensitive destination report; Portman FlightTracker which automatically delivers details of flight delays to travellers’ mobile phones and Portman Alerts that instantly transmit breaking news that might affect travel plans.

Corporatewear UK plc

Corporatewear UK plc

One of the early pioneers in the Midlands clothing industry, Corporatewear UK has been established since 1958.
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Early adoption in developments throughout the industry has enabled Corporatewear UK to surpass the exacting standards laid down by our many long standing blue chip Clients. Our driving of quality, price and lead times has been paramount to the success of Corporatewear UK plc. Perpetual investments in the company also ensure its continued success.

Managed Services from Corporatewear UK plc.

Our team of experienced account managers ensure that each area of your project is completed in an efficient manner to the exact standards laid down in every brief.

Managed Services Include:

  • Specification
  • Design & Development
  • Procurement
  • Manufacture
  • Warehousing & Distribution

CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Corporatewear UK continue to remain at the forefront of CAD technologies in order to ensure a first class transition of your artwork through to final production. Our dedicated team of designers are ready to assist you throughout the creation process and are happy to answer any queries you may have.

E-Business with Corporatewear UK plc.

Corporatewear Uk is constantly investing in new technologies to ensure its Clients benefit from a more streamlined approach to business. Recent developments include an online product catalogue and secure internet based ordering solutions customised around our Clients.


Corporatewear Uk operates from its 15,000 sq ft and 30,000sq ft warehouse & distribution centres located in Birmingham City Centre.

With close proximity to the M42, M40, M1, M5 and M6 motorways, Corporatewear Uk is perfectly situated to provide a fast efficient distribution service of its many thousands of carefully selected and manufactured products. All orders are dispatched through our nationwide courier service with next day delivery as standard.

Embroidery & Customising:

There are various ways to customise clothing for your company depending on the requirements and industry. Corporatewear UK has the facility to transpose your artwork from the most popular formats ensuring quick and effective production with exacting standards. The most popular forms of customising are Embroidery, Screen printing and Heat-seal. Our expert account managers will be happy to advise on the best procedure for your requirements and budget.

Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics (UK) Limited

Kerry Logistics (UK) Limited (KLUK), is one of the leading international logistics companies based in the UK. With our own offices throughout the world, KLUK are perfectly placed to deliver real tangible benefits to any company shipping to or buying from overseas organisations.
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We have the additional benefit of very significant self owned warehousing and transport assets in China and throughout the network, and are committed to intelligence based cost reduction through a partnered approach to supply chain re-design..

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