Global Procurement Group Inc. is an innovative international organisation whose core focus is to Manage Client loyalty programmes on behalf of our nominated Suppliers, providing account management through our Affiliates for their Clients. We utilise E-Business to Business Market-Site technology offering financial settlement through Charge Card and Payment Gateways.

This is achieved through licensed Affiliate companies (Consultants) who implement the GPG process within each Client company across a range of over 30 non-core products and services.

Global Procurement Group has conducted extensive market research to identify best practice methodologies that provide a financial win-win for all participants of our supply chain i.e. nominated Suppliers, Client companies and Consultants. 

GPG have negotiated contracts with a number of market leading Suppliers of these non-core categories and these Suppliers have agreed to undertake the following:

Suppliers guarantee to:

  • Match existing price and provide discounts of up to 15%.
  • Match existing Service levels.
  • Operate a market watch to ensure prices remain competitive.

And in return:

  • Obtain up to 4,000 new Clients without sales or marketing.
  • Increase their share of the SME market-place.
  • Dramatically improve Client retention rates.

Typically a Client company that has a turnover of £40 million will have a non-core spend of £4 million. They will achieve direct savings direct to the bottom line of up to £420,000 per year.  ie an increase of approx 1%. You can also use our charge card facility to obtain up to 40 days credit and to reduce significantly your administrative costs of raising manual Purchase Orders.

Affiliates can also automate a Clients procurement through our E-business to business global automated procurement exchange (g-APEx) providing the additional facilities of E-auction, E-bid and E-payment gateways.

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